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“Interior Design on a Budget – How to Tips and Tricks”


Nothing shouts “retreat” in the hearts of men (and women) more than the thought of picking up a paint brush and revamping old, tired walls!

Dear Interior Design Wannabe,

Okay, there is no guarantee that you will come out of this guide as the latest and greatest designer to the stars! But, if that is your goal, remember that you have to start somewhere, so why not with your old, dingy and outdated rooms?

First things first!

If you are a natural at creativity and have an eye for artistic design then you don’t need this! However, let’s take a look at reality. If you drool over those do it yourself shows that you see on TV every weekend and wish you could mimic the results then”Interior Design on A Budget – How to Tips and Tricks” is definitely for you!

Hey, there is no “magic bullet” that will make a professional interior designer out of you overnight. I hope we agree there’s no such thing, right? But, even the tiniest of changes in your decor can make a huge difference.

Remember, the only difference between those TV designers and you is a little time and effort. So, why do you need “Interior Design on A Budget – How to Tips and Tricks”?

Because it works!

As of this writing, millions of people are looking for help with updating their home or apartment. These are folks just like you. Some of them have never held a paintbrush or stepped inside a fabric store in their lives.

But, they are willing to try and that’s what the modern day home improvement stores bank on. You have to admit, there’s no such thing as your grandpa’s old-fashioned hardware store anymore!

These mega stores cater specifically to folks just like you and the one thing they have in common is to sell you whatever you need to “do it yourself.” Where the edge for you comes in is in being prepared with a plan in mind BEFORE you go shopping.

That’s where “Interior Design on A Budget – How to Tips and Tricks” comes in. If you are a new do it yourselfer trying to figure out this hair pulling fixer upper game”Interior Design on A Budget – How to Tips and Tricks” is just what you need to learn all the ins and outs of the game before you get started.

And, if you are an average person who has already accomplished some home improvement projects then you know that sometimes it’s just one little tip that can make or break your project.

Anyone can do it!

No matter where you fit there’s something for everyone. “Interior Design on A Budget – How to Tips and Tricks” is divided into 15 separate lessons to help the novice know just how to start their new interior designing efforts. Take a look at what is included:


Define A Theme: Contemporary, Cottage, Modern Eclectic, Southwest

Budget Design for Your Living Room, Den or Family Room

Budget Ideas for Kitchen Design

Budget Bedroom Makeover

Closet Cleanups

Need a Home Office?

Camouflage With Paint!

Faux Finishes Are Hot – Bare Walls Are Not!

Window Treatments

Making the Most of Molding

Fabulous Furniture Finds

Decorate With Wallpaper

Freehand or Stencil A Mural Makes The Wall!

Accessorize – Funky Can Be Fun!

Have Some Fun With Fabric

Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran at home makeover, once you’ve made the leap into redoing your home you can become enamored with changing the look.

There are a ton of ideas and theories on the subject and all of them are designed to improve your surroundings.

Some of that information is good. However, the problem is that much of the instruction is very difficult for the beginning or average person to understand.

“Interior Design on A Budget – How to Tips and Tricks”

removes those obstacles. It is written so that anyone can understand the strategies and put them to work!

Grab your copy today and start your project this weekend! Good luck!