Window Treatments

Window Treatments

Custom window treatments are designed to give you a custom unique look by choosing specialty materials. Our custom window treatments are tailored with the highest possible standards in the industry. So let there be a little sunlight in your room with the finest custom window treatments available in the industry.

Draperies & Curtains

Our custom made draperies are available in many different styles and are finely detailed with premium lining.  Each custom designed drapery is made in the USA.  Our featured draperies panels are readily equipped with drapery pins and bottom weights for easy hanging.  Interlining is optional for added body, strength, and luxury. Our Pleated Drapes give your home a new fresh look without breaking the bank.  Making sure our customers are 100% satisfied is our main concern.

Sunroom: Custom Window Treatments



   Shades are a great aid in blocking or filtering sunlight.  Shades help protect against heating and cooling from escaping or entering into windows.   Flat fold Roman, inverted pleat Roman, Soft fold or relaxed Roman, pleated Roman shade or front fold Roman, back tucked.  Shades create a fresh clean appearance to a room.

Linen Grommet Drapes Cordless Roman Shade
Linen Grommet Drapes Cordless Roman Shade

Hard Treatments

   There are many different styles of hard treatments beautifully defined by printed and solid fabrics.  Roller shades provide sleek contemporary style for room darkening or light filtering.  While natural bamboo shades are organic material which provide a warm, elegant, grassy, or reefed quality. 


   Valances are board mounted and free flowing, mounted, draped, or wrapped on a rod.  Valances enhance and beautify any final look of a space.  With the embellishment of tassel trims, cording , and printed or solid banding, a valance changes the whole look of a room.


   Cornices are three-sided with a wood top that are exquisitely wrapped in various styles of fabric or wood carved in various shapes.  In additions to the different fabrics a cornice can be embellished with trims, cording, nail heads, and banding.  The hard structure of the cornice offers an advantage for reducing energy costs while also accenting drapery panels and heightening a window which gives a room an illusion of increased height and more space.

Window Treatment: Cornice with Bead Trim